Under the theme of "New Topographics," we aim to create an enduring cycle of people, materials, and nature.

New Topographics' is the name of a new trend in landscape photography that emerged in the United States in the 1970s, and of an exhibition that was held in conjunction with it.

Rather than glorifying the pristine nature that had been the subject of previous exhibitions, photographers continued to photograph nature being transformed by humans, and landscapes in which the forces of humans and nature are in conflict.

Human life means nothing less than the alteration of the natural environment.

Our mission is not to become complacent with the words "ethical" or "sustainable," but to continue pursuing the way humans live, dress, and live in harmony with nature.


Where is the jewelry made, what materials are used, and who makes it?
While it has become commonplace in the food world for customers to know this information, the reality is that it is not as prevalent in the fashion and jewelry industry.

We believe that the ideal is to produce jewelry in a way that is as close to local production for local consumption as possible, while ensuring transparency.
In manufacturing, we collaborate with top domestic manufacturers and handle everything from design to distribution and sales in-house.


For us, quality in jewelry means providing design, quality, and brand value that can be appropriately traded in the secondary distribution channel.

Of course, we do not want to have a middleman, and we do not want to set prices that include commissions from sales to department stores and e-commerce malls.

More than that, it is about whether the jewelry has value when you give it away.

The circulation of material is the circulation of value.

We believe that it is also an important role for us to create people who are willing to accept the jewelry that our customers have used and given away.