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About jewelry transparency

Where is the jewelry made, what materials are used, and who makes it. It has become commonplace for customers to know this information in the world of food, but the reality is that it has not penetrated the fashion and jewelry industry.

We believe that it is ideal to produce jewelry in a way that is as close to local production for local consumption as possible while ensuring transparency.
In terms of manufacturing, we collaborate with top manufacturers in Japan to handle everything from design to distribution and sales in-house.

Commitment to Made in Japan

Aletta Jewelry is produced by one of Japan's leading manufacturing companies with over 30 years of history in Okachimachi, Tokyo. Focusing on 18K/10K fine jewelry, silver jewelry is also carefully handmade one by one by skilled craftsmen.

We aim to create an environment in which manufacturers and craftsmen who have devoted themselves to craftsmanship, protecting the techniques passed down in the Japanese jewelry industry, are rewarded.

Commitment to delivery and inspection

We are always asking whether the delivery method and packaging method until it reaches the customer's hand is sustainable.

Not a paper box that is opened and thrown away. We use drawstring packaging that can be used naturally in everyday life, and reusable packing materials.

We do not bundle extra leaflets or manuals, and try to consume as little resources as possible.