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Silver and gold jewelry can be used habitually for a long time by caring for them, so regular care is recommended.

By recycling materials, Aletta Jewelry aims for a lasting cycle of people, materials and nature. If you have any jewelry that you do not want to wear, please use the recycling service.

Caring for jewelry products

・ After wearing, wipe off sweat and sebum with a soft cloth and store.
・ Store in the attached storage bag to prevent discoloration.
・ Be sure to remove it when doing sports, bathing, sleeping, housework, etc.
・ Store out of high-pitched and humid places and places exposed to sunlight and fluorescent lights.

About aftercare

・ Ring / earrings / necklace / bracelet polish free
・ Gold recoating ¥ 1,650 ~

About repair

・ Scratch erasing / re-polishing ¥ 2,200 ~
・ Ring size up ¥ 3,300 ~
・ Chain break repair ¥ 3,300 ~

In addition to the above charges, a separate shipping fee will be charged. We will inform you about the procedure and payment method individually, so please contact us from the Contact form.

We will also support bringing it to the store.

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