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Article: About the value of jewelry

ジュエリーの価値について | Aletta Jewelry アレッタジュエリー

About the value of jewelry

What is the value of jewelry?

Design, place of origin, price... Everyone has different criteria for choosing jewelry, but for me it's "time."

The origins of jewelry date back to when humans first became conscious. By decorating themselves with minerals dug from nature and wearing jewelry that showed who they were, humans may have felt a sense of unity with nature and a sense of being protected by something greater.

The evolution of jewelry is a very slow process.

Minerals that have been formed deep in the earth for hundreds of millions of years are dug up to become jewelry at some point. Jewelry materials that have been created over such a long period of time can remain in the earth for just as long.

The concept of Aletta Jewelry's theme, 'New Topographics', was born in America in the 1970s, a time of rapid suburban development.

Humanity has developed by consuming natural materials, but photographers in the 1970s expressed in a single photograph that this has been made possible by carving away part of the Earth.

We must not forget that every material on this earth exists for a certain purpose, and that we humans have developed by carving away at it. I believe that we have an obligation to continue making jewelry while carrying within us the time axis of nature.

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