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Article: Best bracelets and bangles for summer

夏におすすめのブレスレットとバングル | Aletta Jewelry アレッタジュエリー

Best bracelets and bangles for summer

Shortly after enjoying the hydrangea during the rainy season, the heat wave has arrived.

The temperature is so high that I want to pass short sleeves and spend time in sleeveless. A voluminous silver bracelet or bangle is what you want to add to such a summer outfit.

Aletta offers several basic bracelet bangles that can be worn all year round, not just in summer .
Square Link Chain Bracelet | Aletta Jewelry
Rounded square chain bracelet.
You can adjust the size by hanging the hook, which also serves as a design accent, to your favorite part of the chain.
Even if you have a thin wrist, you can adjust it to the perfect size, so it is recommended for those who have not been able to find a size that fits them perfectly.
The clean chain shape makes it easy to match with a wide range of fashion, and can be worn by both men and women.
Curb Link Chain Bracelet | Aletta Jewelry
A curb link chain bracelet with a comfortable weight of silver. The characteristic of the 925 silver bracelet is that the more you use it, the more your own taste will come out.

Before going out, it is a routine to reach for the bracelet and turn it into a part of your body. I think the reason why I can create my own identity is because of the moderate weight and the form that wraps around my wrist.
Astor Bangle | Aletta Jewelry
Astor bangle carefully polished one by one by one of Japan's leading craftsmen. The uncompromising symmetrical shape exudes elegance, increasing your femininity at once.
A bangle made of solid silver is an item that makes you want to use it for a long time with its comfortable weight and volume.
At our directly managed store in Omotesando, we are happy to make suggestions based on the coordination with your own products, so if you are in the area, we would be very happy if you could visit us once.
All the staff are looking forward to seeing you.
About our directly managed stores | Aletta Jewelry

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