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Article: Talking about materials and the environment


Talking about materials and the environment

In this JOURNAL, I would like to write about materials that are often asked questions.
All Aletta Jewelry items are made with 925 silver and 10K gold.

I think that 925 silver is the name of the material that I often hear.

Originally, it was often used in men's jewelry, but in recent years it has become popular as a material for women's jewelry.

925 means that it contains 92.5% pure silver, and the remaining 7.5% is copper, which is often called sterling silver overseas.

Many of our customers are concerned about metal allergies.
One of the causes of metal allergies is that rhodium and nickel are leached out through sweat and body fluids.

Since silver originally exists as a natural mineral, the possibility of metal allergy is quite low.

In recent years, there are many brands that sell alloys plated with silver or gold, but if the plating peels off, it can cause allergic symptoms, so be careful.

When purchasing, we recommend that you always check the "material notation" such as 925 silver, 10K gold, alloy, etc., not the "color notation" of silver or gold.

Regarding the care of silver 925, the care method is different for silver and gold. For silver, the base metal is not processed, so we recommend using a liquid type for silver or a silver polishing cloth containing an abrasive.
The liquid type is also recommended for bracelets, necklaces, and other items that cannot be polished with a cloth.

We recommend chamois leather care for gold-coloured jewellery.
Since there are no abrasives, the gold coating will not come off.

Silver 925 is a material that can be used for a long time if you use it regularly while maintaining it. In addition, since it can be recycled many times, it is also a very good material that has little burden on the global environment.

Things are overflowing, EC has become common in recent years, and it is an era where you can easily buy anything even at home. However, the things we use and buy, whether it's clothes or jewelry, are made by carving out the environment, materials, and resources on the earth.

If you are reading this, I would be happy if you could think again about what is valuable to you.

Purchase items that you can use for as long as possible, and use them with care. This is probably the best thing we can do for the global environment.

And I feel that our mission on the side of sending out jewelry is to create jewelry that has value in itself and that the person who purchases it can use it for a long time. I would like.

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