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Under the theme of 'New Topographics', we aim for a permanent circulation of people, materials and nature.

'New Topographics' is the name of the exhibition held in conjunction with the new trend of landscape photography that occurred in the United States in the 70's.

Instead of admiring the pristine nature, which had been the subject of his work up until that point, photographers continued to photograph nature that was being altered by humans, and landscapes in which the forces of humans and nature were at odds with each other.

Human survival means nothing less than changing the natural environment.

Our mission is not to be self-satisfied with the words ethical or sustainable, but to continue to pursue how humans live, dress up, and coexist with nature.


Where is the jewelry made, what materials are used, and who makes it.
It has become commonplace for customers to know this information in the world of food, but the reality is that it has not penetrated the fashion and jewelry industry.

We believe that it is ideal to produce jewelry in a way that is as close to local production for local consumption as possible while ensuring transparency.
In terms of manufacturing, we collaborate with top manufacturers in Japan to handle everything from design to distribution and sales in-house.


For us, the quality of jewelry is to provide design, quality, and brand value that can be appropriately traded in secondary distribution.

It goes without saying that we do not use middlemen and do not set prices that include sales commissions to department stores and EC malls.

More than that, when you let go of jewelry, is it worth it?

The material cycle is the value cycle.

We believe that one of our most important roles is to create people who will gladly take over when customers part with their favorite jewelry.